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Neu in MIKE URBAN Version 2017

Mit MIKE URBAN 2017 wird ArcGIS Version 10.5 installiert. Falls Sie in Ihrem Unternehmen unabhängig davon ArcGIS 10.5.1 installieren, ist auch dies in Kombination mit MIKE URBAN 2017 möglich.

- MIKE 1D Oberflächenabfluss Modell B (Kinematische Welle) wurde überprüft und einer kompletten Überarbeitung unterzogen, insbesondere in Bezug auf Verdunstung, Infiltration und die Horton-Ansätze. Die folgenden Änderungen sind enthalten:

  • Reihenfolge der Drainage hat sich geändert
  • Die Begrenzung der Versickerung durch Regen wurde deaktiviert
  • Die Wiedergewinnung des Versickerungspotentials wurde aktualisiert

Eine weitere Optimierung der LTS-Simulationen mit MIKE 1D wurde durchgeführt, um kleinere Ergebnisdateien zu erzeugen und den Systemspeicher optimal zu nutzen.

MIKE URBAN 2017, Service Pack 1 (SP1), Oktober 2017

Modul/Typ Neues Feature/Fehler Status
General MU 2017 has been upgraded to support ArcGIS 10.5.1 New Feature
MIKE 1D MU RR Model B Horton infiltration has been reviewed and fixed, especially with regard to evaporation and infiltration. Some of the changes are: the order of draining, limitation of infiltration by rain has been disabled, and recovering of infiltration potential has been updated. New Feature
Collection System The SWMM module has been updated to import different types of time patterns New Feature
Water Distribution Enhanced the possibility to enter values in the dialog if numbers less than 0.000 for PID Parameters. On top of this the PID computation has been reviewed and updated. New Feature
MIKE 1D MIKE 1D LTS ERF file reports the specified event definition properly. Fixed
MIKE 1D MIKE 1D saves all results according to the User Specified result file specification including velocity and discharge, weir discharge and pump discharge. Fixed
MIKE 1D MIKE 1D LTS crashing problem due to an extremely large result file and use of the memory has been addressed and fixed with this Service Pack. Fixed
MIKE 1D OneDayProfile validation for some specific DWF models have been fixed. Upgrading the way MIKE 1D handles Diurnal Pattern Profiles. Fixed
MIKE 1D MIKE 1D AD computations have been fixed avoiding that they go through non-return valves. Fixed
MIKE 1D A problem with the diagnostics for a pump stop level during startup has been fixed. Fixed
MIKE 1D MIKE 1D Storm water inlets calculates derivatives correctly now. Fixed
MIKE 1D Model C has been fixed to function properly when the lag time has not been specified Fixed
MIKE 1D MIKE 1D Control module has been enabled to cope with a function named “Change” which was not previously recognized Fixed
Water Distribution Issues related to pipe roughness calibration Fixed1)

MIKE URBAN 2017, April 2017

Modul/Typ Fehler/Neues Feature Status
General Upgrade of MIKE URBAN to support ArcGIS 10.5 MIKE 1D now runs in 64 bit when executed from MIKE URBAN. This leads to better utilisation of your hardware, in particularly, when working with large data sets and models. New Feature
Building and maintaining models Enhanced hydrogen sulphide modelling. The H2S ECO Lab template have been enhanced, supporting the simulation of sulphide precipitation by dosing with ferrous and ferric based chemicals ECO Lab template is included for modeling H2S concentration New Feature
MIKE 1D A series of improvements on the MIKE1D engine focusing on even better performance and stability New Feature
MOUSE Pump Emergency Storage Tool now available (for the MOUSE Engine only). New Feature
Model Manager SWMM mode, improved importing capabilities of multiple time patterns and large time series Fixed
Model Manager SWMM longitudinal profile plots have been corrected for animated result presentation Fixed
Model Manager Catchment processing tool has been improved to handle large setups Fixed
Collection System Graphical selection of nodes covering soakaway type to create catchment connections Fixed
Collection System CS SWMM values specified in Areal Depletion under Hydrology|Climatology are now exported to the .inp file Fixed
MIKE 1D engine Computation of Horton´s infiltration has been improved for runoff model C Fixed
MIKE 1D engine MIKE 1D a problem with the engine skipping jobs in LTS simulations have been fixed Fixed
Ergebnisse einer LTS-Simulation, die mit MIKE 1D durchgeführt worden ist, können nun in MIKE View dargestellt werden FIXME Fixed
MIKE 1D engine NAM/RDI and TA/RDI html summary file volume balance has been corrected Fixed
MIKE 1D engine Runoff model C2 calculation has been improved to correctly run the simulation in cases when the lag time has not been specified Fixed
Water Distribution A problem occurring when the file path is too long has been fixed Fixed
1) siehe MIKE URBAN hotfix 19-07-2017; diese Zeile fehlt in den originalen Release Notes
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